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Don’t Stop Job Searching in December! 3 Reasons Why

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018
Don’t Stop Job Searching in December! 3 Reasons Why

We hear it every December–

“I’m winding down my job hunt during the holidays because hiring is slow, and companies are closing their books.”

-Average Candidate

Should you though? Yes, it’s Q4, and some companies may adopt this old adage, but here are 3 reasons why you should keep on the hunt.

1) Less Competition

A TON of people put their job hunt on hold because they believe companies adopt a hiring freeze during December. WRONG. It’s not like companies suddenly don’t need employees in December. Companies are always looking for the best talent, and December may be the month that you land that dream job. A decreased talent pool+ less competition = gives you the opportunity to really stand out.

2) Recruiter Attention (Yes, Us!)

Perhaps the best part of keeping your job search strong in December is the attention you will get from recruiters. During this time of year, recruiters really feel the slow-down in candidates and will get uber-excited when an interesting, super-strong person comes along. This literally happened to me yesterday!

The candidate lull means more time reviewing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and an overall more responsive hiring process. This is all good news for you–the pro-active, persistent, and qualified applicant.

3) Bring on the Networking

The holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with your existing network and making new connections. Whether it’s chatting with your Uncle about your career ambitions or attending a friend’s company holiday party, there are tons of opportunities for you to mingle with new and existing contacts and letting them know about your career ambitions.

No doubt the holidays are a good time to relax and take a break from your job search–a ton of people do. But if you have some steam left in the engine, we at Route Networking Group encourage you to get out there, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and stay active in your career search!

Reach out to us here or check out our careers page for new opportunities!

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