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Boise Idaho Skyline
Boise, Idaho: home and headquarters of Route Networking Group.

OUR Recruiting FAQ’s:

How much does your service cost?

Often times, we find that this is the first question on both our candidates, as well as our customer’s minds. And, we get it! As a small business ourselves, money is often at the forefront of our decision making process as well! That’s why we make it easy- our services are 100% free for our candidates and flexible based on our customers’ (the local companies we work with) needs. Typically, we charge a percent of any hired candidates’ first years’ salary, or a flat fee again, depending on the customer.

How do you find candidates and how does it work?

Our #1 priority in all that we do is building relationships and that, we find, is cornerstone to our candidate network. Much of the talent that we work with come from referrals, networking events, or friends/acquaintances that our team has in the Boise area. We’re committed to building a network of candidates that isn’t just a bunch of “random folk”, but rather, a group of people we know, like, and respect. In return, we look to bring these candidates solid opportunities for careers in their field, with companies we’ve taken the time to get to know. Because of that, our candidates will never be presented with the “too good to be true” job in New Jersey, nor will they ever be asked to just “fill in” for a temporary job.

Similarly, this approach brings great credibility to our services from a customer, or business perspective. Because each candidate that we present is someone that we’ve not only vetted for their qualifications, but also, taken the time to get to know, we’re able to make a placements that go beyond “filling the need”. Rather, we look to connect candidates that have similar interests, hobbies, and work ethics’ so as to enhance the companies’ culture; resulting in long-term, mutually beneficial,  professional career placements.

What type of jobs/occupations do you recruit for?

We recruit for a wide range of occupations, in a wide range of fields. In fact, we place candidates in positions ranging from entry-level, to management, to C-level executives, and we place them in positions that include: sales, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, IT + development, and operations. In such a way, we’re able to work with candidates and companies with diverse backgrounds and thus, less likely to limit each of those parties’ opportunities.

However, we do have a few caveats that help to define our niche:

  1. We work exclusively with local, Idaho companies
  2. We only place full time, direct-hire positions (no temporary, or temp-to-hire)
  3. We focus on finding companies  as well as candidates, that are committed to long-term, professional careers.

How long will the process take?

In short, it’s hard to say. Sometimes, it’s as simple as introducing the right candidate to company that we have an opening for, and other times, we’re working to develop an entirely new relationship on behalf of an extremely talented/skilled candidate. For instances that fall into the latter, our timeline is unfortunately, a bit out of our control. However, we remain committed to helping our candidates find the right fit for their individual career goals and are here to help however we can- from resume help, to interview preparation, to interview coaching.

Have any more questions? Reach out to us here