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Recruiting: Humans vs. Computers

Posted by on Jan 9, 2019
Recruiting: Humans vs. Computers

CV scanning software: the argument for human engagement.

At Route Networking Group, we pride ourselves on our ‘boutique style’ approach to corporate recruiting. (We also pride ourselves on cute office pups, fresh hiphop beats, and a well stocked snack selection -what’s life without balance?)

This often means getting into the trenches and taking a more hands-on approach to recruiting. There’s no doubt that CV scanning software saves time, by efficiently sorting large amounts of data. But it lacks a certain human context, which can be vital in spotting hidden gems in the applicant pool.

Here are a few reasons why we believe it’s important to not solely depend on CV scanning software to sort resumes:

Keywords May Differ

Even within the same industry, keywords can vary from company to company. If you restrict your search to a limited list of keywords, you risk weeding out valuable candidates simply due to a discrepancy in use of terminology. For instance, if an applicant uses synonyms for the keyword/term, software may not recognize this subtlety, and therefore reject the document.

Crafty Applicants Can Jump the Queue

Keyword optimization services, such as one offered by JobScan, help candidates fill their resumes with keywords. This ensures they are noticed by keyword scanning recruitment bots. While this can be a handy tool on the applicant’s side, on the recruitment side, it can be easy to prematurely rule out rockstar applicants who simply didn’t add enough relevant terms and keywords to their CV.

A.I. Lacks Human Nuance

If a candidate has done their research on a job posting, it’s fairly easy to discover which keywords will get the most attention, and then proceed to bulk up a resume with said terms. Even if the stated skills are legitimate, human eyes may be required to distinguish which candidates are able to back-up their claims by providing specific examples. Factors, which may not be noticed by an automated system.

Perfect Candidates Don’t Always = Perfect CVs

Sometimes we are approached by candidates, who we know would be a great fit for a role, but whose CVs are a little…lacking. In a previous blog post, we touched on how even the most polished professionals, sometimes slip-up when it comes to resume-proofing. Furthermore, those who have proofread their CV until their eyes cross, may not have properly highlighted relevant skills, leaving them to be overlooked by a machine.

We certainly don’t endorse engaging in tireless hours of work for no reason. We’re passionate about helping companies find the ‘right fit’ candidate for each role. And at the end of the day, we’re pretty proficient at sifting through the not so glamorous side of recruiting (a.k.a. countless resumes), to find the diamonds in the rough.

That said, we’re also passionate about helping candidates put their best foot forward, and polish out those resume imperfections. Need a hand in resume building? Let’s start!

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