“I want you to really understand how much I appreciate the time and energy you have spent on me. [The opportunity you presented] was such a diversion from my normal life and the fact that I came so close to accepting is due to the genuinely honest and hardworking approach you all have towards this venture. I’m very excited to see what this company accomplishes and I think Boise is very lucky to have you looking out for it.”

– Game Developer in Seattle

“I want to say that you are an amazing and engaging entrepreneur.  Conversing with you is like being given an opportunity to show ones own potential in a warm environment (why do people say safe? Just makes it feel unsafe).  Working with you is so much fun, I wish I was going to a place where you were a co-worker.”

– John Conti, Software Engineer in Boise

“We worked with RNG to help find new talent when, we were struggling to find qualified candidates. The RNG team is well connected, responsive, and forward thinking when it came to finding employees who will help set your business apart. I would strongly recommend.”

– Jeff Heath, CEO for a Boise Office Furniture Company

“Route Networking Group reached out to me with a job opportunity that changed my life! They were genuine, sincere, professional, and transparent. Most importantly, they advocated for me and patiently walked me through every step of the crazy dance we call the job interview process.

Sincerely Grateful. I cannot recommend enough!”

– Jake Rowe, UI/UX Designer for a Boise Tech Company

“Route Networking Group reached out to me about a fantastic job opportunity. They were encouraging, kind and supportive throughout the process. It definitely felt great to have their support while considering a life change with a new job. I highly recommend them!”

– Teresa Lassandro, Wealth Advisor

“Working with RNG offered a far more personalized recruiting experience than I was accustomed to. They get to know candidates’ aspirations and wants, and ensure the candidate isn’t just a good fit on paper, but a good culture fit, as well.”

– Peter Vomocil, Chief Marketing Officer for a Boise Tech Startup

“I found working with Route Networking Group to be a fantastic experience. They are easy, they listen. They came into the organization, met with me, and met with the team. [RNG] really listened to us to identify our challenges and helped us understand what we didn’t know.”

– Shavonna Case, Chief Operating Officer for a Boise Tech Company

“Being a candidate for Route Networking Group, the one thing that stood out was they were more worried about finding [me] more of career opposed to a new job, and that was what I was looking for.”

– Jon Noble, Account Executive for a Boise FinTech Company