“In general, having the support, and having someone we could rely on no matter the role was hugely valuable to us.”

Laci Mullins, HR Manager, Engage Technologies

“You guys are definitely partners. You take that extra step so that we’re not constantly searching job boards for candidates, you find those candidates that have the skills we’re looking for.”

Jordan Hogan, Business Specialist, RecorGroup

“RNG made the effort to get to know RecorGroup as individuals, match with our initiatives, and find the people that fit into our culture. Every time we give feedback, they narrow down our funnel even more. We have a ‘learning together’ experience.”

Bryan Burks, Partner & VP, RecorGroup

“RNG was able to connect us to the talent we would have otherwise not found, since they already had the connections.”

David Buckley, CTO, Engage Technologies

“We lacked the time and specialization of what it takes to recruit. Jess was good at talking about her vision of who Route Networking Group is, and she was going to approach her company through a high-touch service.”

Jon Bunten, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, RecorGroup