Hiring can be challenging, no matter what type of position you’re looking to fill. The nuances of finding not only someone with the right skills set, but a complementary personality and cultural fit plague any industry, but add to that a “talent gap” and surging competition like what you find in the technology industry/field and the challenge can seem insurmountable.

Enter Route Networking Group.

Technology companies from all over the Inland Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Montana)  have turned to Route Networking Group with this very hurdle—the identification, sourcing, and onboarding of software engineers, database architects, front end developers, UI/UX designers, data scientists….the list goes on! Why? Because we deliver.

Let RNG help you focus on what you do best—growing. We’ll take the stress out of hiring technologists and help you build teams of highly talented, culturally compatible individuals. Here’s how:

  • Let’s start with our Network. After 6+ years of recruiting technologists, our network is vast and spans all kinds of technical backgrounds. From C#, .Net software engineers, to java gurus, to hyper-specialized AWS/ Cloud engineers—we’re prepared to support any kind of technical need.
  • Our individualized approach. We treat people like people. Engineers work with us because we’re not just concerned about “filling roles”. We’re out to make the most of every interaction and build sincere relationships. In a world of machine-generated auto-messaging, we stand out.
  • Adaptability and Grit. Ever feel like the recruiter you’re working with is trying to tell you what you need? This is something many of our clients come to us with and an area where we shine. We listen, we evolve, and we adapt to each clients’ needs and prioritize your feedback.

Ready to get back to growing? Let’s #FindYourRoute to technical talent. Connect with us below.

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