It’s not just a cliché.

The average American spends almost 9-hours a day at work. That’s 45 hours per week, and – if you’re lucky – with vacation and holidays, that’s 50 weeks per year. A massive portion of our lives is spent at work, and reading the above statistics, you’d think that was a bad thing. But – we believe – it shouldn’t be!

We grow up hearing over and over again, “Find your passion and make it a career.” We hit our twenties, and that sentiment becomes clichéd. We settle. We often jump on the first thing that comes our way for the sake of security.

Route Networking Group was born out of that very feeling. It’s tough to find a job. In today’s job market, your application is often submitted online among hundreds of others. Just getting an interview feels like you’ve won the lottery. And a job offer?!- “I don’t care what it is. I’ll take it.”

This is a flawed system.

At RNG, we’re fixing that. We know that finding a job is about knowing what to look for, who to talk to, and most importantly, evaluating – is it a good fit? Our goal is to help you answer these questions. We exist to help Idaho and Northwest employers find qualified candidates, and we want to give you- the qualified candidate,  the right tools to be successful.

It’s easy to become jaded in today’s job market – to feel pessimistic about your prospects. We reject that. We believe in the cliché, and we’re going to prove it.

We are Route Networking Group. Let’s get started.

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Get paid for your opinion! Are you interested in participating in legal focus groups in the Boise area?*

RNG is now partnering with ARV in Boise to provide our candidates the opportunity to earn extra money by participating in legal focus groups. Review real legal cases and provide feedback to assist attorneys in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their case and/or potential settlement values. Be part of a mock jury and get paid for your input on real cases!.