Where Our Route Started:

Route Networking Group was born out of the genuine need for a corporate recruiting agency with roots in Idaho.

In the winter of 2014, our founder, Jessica Cafferty was faced with the challenge of searching for her next career from afar (thousands of miles away in Texas). Despite numerous attempts to reach the companies she was interested in working with, her resume ended up shuffled in with the rest; undoubtedly sitting unopened, in a hiring parties’ inbox. Frustrated with the process and discouraged by her prospects, she turned her attention to recruiters.

Unfortunately, this too, proved to be frustrating. Boise truly lacked a local presence from a recruiting standpoint. Of the firms that she tried, many focused instead on “staffing” or “temporary” needs- roles that as a business professional, she was overqualified for. Those that weren’t staffing agencies were instead, either huge firms detached from the local market, or firms that were highly specialized to work with a single occupation. Of all of the options available, none proved to be a viable resource and none seemed truly interested in her goals.

So, after months of research, several pitches to mentors, friends, and family, a 25 hour drive back to Boise, and several visits with the Small Business Associations’ office, Route Networking Group was born.

Why Choose Route?

We exist to help local, Idaho companies meet their growth strategies by providing them with exceptional, hard-to-find talent. We take a unique approach to recruiting- an approach that allows us to more intimately understand both the needs of our customers and the career goals of our candidates.

Route Networking Group is unlike any other recruiting agency and we’re not afraid to admit it.

We’re also pretty unique in the fact that we are a Boise-based startup. We take pride in our small-business roots, our heavy involvement with the local community, and our plans for the future. Boise is not just our home; it’s our passion. Each day we take steps to meet more of her residents and learn more about how we can help her economy grow.

Lastly, unlike any other agency,  we’re focused exclusively on working with Idaho companies. That means our candidates will never have to worry about finding the perfect job—in Cincinnati… and our customers know that we have deep knowledge of the Idaho market.

The “throwing spaghetti at a wall” tactic is never employed

We’re thorough in our approach to any hiring process. We develop an individualized strategy for each opening that our customers have. We constantly seek feedback in order to more efficiently and effectively provide the RIGHT fit for every role. Furthermore, we’re not interested in poaching candidates or even “head hunting”. Instead, we build relationships through thoughtful and insightful conversations with our candidates. Thus, we gain a better understanding of his/her qualifications, as well as his/her personality, motivators, and career goals. And ultimately, we gain a better understanding of where he/she would fit best.

At Route Networking Group, recruiting is more than just “filling a position.” It’s helping our candidates and our customers find their route to happier, more productive, professional lives.