Meet the team that brings your talent acquisition dreams to life.

Jessica Cafferty

Founder & President of RNG

Jess is our fearless leader and serves as the Founder and President of RNG. Prior to starting Route Networking Group, Jessica worked for a 3rd party Logistics company in San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX where she was in Business Development and Sales Management. She is a graduate of University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA where she studied Business Leadership, Biology, and Chemistry. Though she spent almost seven years away from Boise, she’s a native Idahoan and it was this connection that brought her back to Boise to start RNG in 2015. Outside of RNG, Jessica serves as the chair-elect on the Board of the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, an At-large board member for Boise Young Professionals, a Planning Committee member for Boise Startup Week, and contributing member of Idaho Business for Education, the Small Business Advisory Committee of the Boise Chamber, and Women who Get $h!t Done (Boise). She is also mom to “Arlo” one of RNG’s office pups (a mini Goldendoodle) and can be found running in the foothills, hitting the ski slopes, cooking, or traveling the world in her free time.

Pete Richter

Senior Recruiting Strategist

Pete is a Recruiting Strategist with RNG who’s primary focus is to help local employers get connected with exceptional talent and to help connect candidates with fulfilling careers. He graduated from Timberline Highschool in Boise and earned a full-ride scholarship to play football at Idaho State University. Pete later transferred to Carroll College in Helena, Montana where he graduated with a degree in Environmental Science (Biology focus). After enduring several long Montana winters, he boomeranged back to Boise to be closer to family and friends. Before Pete joined the RNG team, he spent the early years of his career working as an Environmental Scientist with an Idaho-based environmental engineering firm and although he enjoyed playing a role in promoting environmental initiatives, his passion for helping people lead him searching for a new career path. Jess and Pete are long-time friends and when he caught wind of Jess’s new adventure (starting RNG), he leaped on board and has never looked back. Outside RNG, he is heavily involved in the community and serves as a board member with Laurel’s Legacy; a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing financial and other resources to families and individuals suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Pete has too many hobbies to count, most of them relating to Idaho’s outdoors, and he loves to meet new people.

Bianca Tovar

Recruiting Strategist

Bianca is a Recruiting Strategist at RNG and the best part of her job is networking, meeting people for coffee, and being actively involved in the community. She’s an Idaho native and graduated from Boise State University (Go Broncos!) in 2017 with a degree in Human Resources Management. Bianca found early-on that building relationships and helping others was a great passion of hers and naturally she was a great fit at RNG! She loves the fact that she’s constantly getting to know more about this beautiful city and the people in it, and is able to get involved in some meaningful organizations like Boise Young Professionals, SheTech, and more through her role at RNG. Outside of RNG, Bianca loves scootering around Boise, spending time near the water, and taking as many weekend trips with her partner Ryan and baby boy Royal!

John Hosmer

Recruiting Strategist

John is a Recruiting Strategist with RNG and is passionate about helping people live a life they are proud of. He spent about half of the last decade living overseas (Australia and Morocco) and still makes traveling a priority. He found his way to Boise several years ago and has finally put roots down. He has spent years refining his skills in IT and communication, which segued naturally into recruiting. Having the opportunity to spend his time meeting new people, helping local businesses, and working alongside amazing colleagues is a dream come true for him. Outside of work, he loves going on adventures (backpacking, camping, road-tripping), creative endeavors (photography and music), and food (cooking and eating). Additionally, he is the proud papa to his fur baby Murphy (a shepherd-mix rescue with a lot of personality.)

Zoe Shealy

Recruiting Strategist

Zoe is a Recruiting Strategist at RNG and is incredibly proud to be a part of a team that makes relationships core to what they do. She has a knack for connecting with people from all walks of life and is always working to ensure that people feel comfortable and heard in any situation. She is almost a native to Boise, but at the end of the day, she knows she can’t technically pull that card since her family moved here when she was 2. 😉 She graduated from Boise High, moved to Flagstaff, AZ where she earned a degree in City Planning from Northern Arizona University and couldn’t resist coming back home to Boise, a place that she considers to be incredibly special. Her and her husband own a local coffee roasting company, Neckar Coffee, that she helped open in 2018 and every morning you can find her there, doing a crossword and getting her morning americano before she starts her day! Zoe loves eating (no seriously, she loves to eat), going backcountry skiing with her dad, spending quality time with her friends and family, and staying as active as possible in the Boise foothills.

Mikey Castro

Recruiting Strategist

Mikey is a Recruiting Strategist at RNG and he loves being able to build meaningful relationships, collaborate with like-minded individuals and most importantly, put his creativity to the test. Mikey was born in San Diego, CA but has been in Idaho since he was 4 years old. He graduated from Meridian High School and double majored at Boise State University (Marketing & General Business). Outside of RNG, Mikey has been involved in the local dance community for over 10 years and has founded 3 different dance events in the Treasure Valley that were created to bring together the small dance community that resides in Boise, ID. Not only have the events brought together an entire community but they have also been able to raise funds and awareness for multiple charities – Children’s Miracle Network, American Cancer Society, Shoes That Fit, & Soles 4 Souls. His professional experiences complimented with teaching dance for over the last 10 years has really helped foster his passion for empowering other people. Which in turn, has brought him to the world of Corporate Recruiting. Additionally, Mikey enjoys snowboarding during the winters, fishing during the summer, and playing video games all year round. 

Hailey Huston

Office Administrator

Hailey is the Office Administrator at RNG and she provides support to the whole team! She is originally from Missoula, MT and loves living in another town where “A River Runs Through It” that she can explore. She graduated from the University of Montana where she studied her absolute favorite topic, Communication. She can almost always be found with her nose in a book, loves to explore her neighborhood, and values spending as much time with her people as possible. She loves to network and meet new people, so Hailey feels lucky to be a part of a team that prioritizes its community and focuses on building meaningful relationships. She has found a happy home in Boise and is excited to learn more about her community and its opportunities.