We start to sound a bit like an annoying PTA parent bragging about their star child when we speak of Boise, but we promise it’s for good reason.

To some Boise, Idaho, may be most recognizable as the source of Mickey D’s potatoes or for being home to the blue turf; but we’re here to tell you there is a LOT more to Idaho than potatoes.

Boise has been recognized in publications such as Forbes, USA Today, and even Vogue, for providing a high quality of life, affordable housing, recreational activities, and an excellent business environment.

Welcoming Vibe

Deep down, what we love about our city can’t be quantified by ‘top ten lists’. Call us romantics, but Boise has it’s own, unique “vibe”: the tacit feeling the city embodies. Walking down the street, odds are you’ll be met with a neighborly smile from passersby. You’ll see kids riding bikes. You’ll inhale fresh, high desert air. The pace in our little gem of a city may be slower than San Francisco or the East Coast, but if you’re looking for that ever elusive work/life balance, you’ll find it here.

Great Outdoors

Offering an abundance of recreational trails, nearby ski areas, and whitewater rafting, Boise is truly an outdoor lover’s paradise. With the foothills mere steps away, there is plenty of space to play! Head out for a post-work run, mountain bike ride, or hike with your dog, then grab a bite to eat in historic Hyde Park.

Eat, Drink, and Play

Take a walk down 8th Street and you’ll find an array of restaurants serving locally sourced food. On the weekend, pop into one of our many Idaho breweries for a pint of craft beer, or stroll through the Saturday market (located in the heart of downtown). If the fine arts are more your scene, Idaho offers: Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Ballet Idaho, and Opera Idaho.

Growing Tech Hub

Boise is quickly expanding into a booming technology hub. The city is gaining traction as an economically friendly launchpad for tech companies; and the demand for tech related professionals is at an all-time high. According to Idaho Department of Labor, “…Idaho will increase its high-tech payroll 22 percent between 2012 and 2022.”  For us, those openings have spanned an array of positions: from Vice Presidents of Technology, to Senior Software Engineers, to Middleware Engineers, to entry-level Software Developers, and even CMOs. We’ve seen this statistic come to life. And, while we’re not exclusively aligned for solely IT or Tech-related placements, we’ve seen quite a bit of success helping companies in Idaho with these often, hard-to-fill roles.

Ready to call Boise ‘home’?

RNG is ready to help! We’re looking to make your transition as seamless and smooth as possible. Whether that means helping connect you to your ideal Boise tech job, finding a realtor, or even scouting out the best school district. We’re here for you and happy to be a resource to anyone looking to move to the area.

Want to learn more about how we can help you find your route to a fulfilling career in Boise? Reach out.